All children are vip or should i say vick? if you want to make your very important kid and his/her friends feeleven more special.


All children are VIP – or should I say VIK? If you want to make your Very Important Kid and her friends feel even more special on their big day, a Red Carpet Fiesta is the ideal option. Celebrity style with hair, styling, glam props and Photo shoot!

$370 +tax

• 2 hours of private party room rental
• 2 hosts (set up, clean up and animation)
• Party for 8 kids (additional kid $20)
• We suggest a drop off for the guests
• Hair curls for girls / punk rock hair for boys
• Manis for birthday girl
• Juice & Popcorn
• Kids tableware & papergoods included
• Props to wear at the party & photo shoot
• Picture video will be sent one week after party

$510 +tax

• Basic package 8 kids (additional kid $28)
• VIP loot bags
• (4 products: sun glasses, lip balm, mini nail polish and ring pop)
• 1 dozen VIP Cupcakes
(or replace cupcakes by a Red Carpet fondant cake for $95 additional)
• 2 large pizzas

$610 +tax

• Basic & Wow package (additional kid $28)
• Picture video will be sent one week after party
• Cotton Candy machine
• Oscars’ awards presentation
(each kid will win a small Oscar award)
• A dozen of helium balloons